St Andrew

The last day of November already and St Andrew's Day. Although flags and flag waving make me feel uneasy this was a bit of a gift today so here it is. The flagpole is on public ground and I don't know who put the saltire up. It isn't usually there. Behind it you can see the trees, bare for the next few months, and the electric lines of the railway. It's looking due east which explains the colour of the sky. It wasn't a dawn walk.

I was heading for the rugby ground for my wander. It's so muddy there. There were Christmas trees for sale in the car park and people driving in to buy. The weather is much better than the forecast suggested and so mild after yesterday's frost.

No Monday childminding of course. This is the second of the three weeks of our Level 4 restrictions. I'm missing the two wee ones and looking after them on Mondays and Wednesdays. But it's not for ever and if it brings the numbers down it will be worth it.

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