Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Playing With The Decorations.

When the girls arrived today, they spent time checking out all the decorations.

They particularly like this theatre.  It shows The Nutcracker ballet.  It has lights, music and it moves.  All the things kids love.

Another hot day, 32c, but now we have humidity as well.

Last dance rehearsal before the concert on Saturday.

I don't know how the girl's dance teacher is coping.  She's just been told she's not in remission from her cancer, and has to undergo radiotherapy treatment.

She's putting on a really brave face, and says the kids are keeping her going.  But she must be so stressed.

I filled the little pool up with water, when we returned.  But I think the girls had more fun dodging the water from the hosepipe, as I sprayed them.

The borders finally opened today.  Hopefully they will stay that way.

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