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By Yana1

2167. Crimea Medal

Hubby bought this medal two days ago from a medal dealer in England after he had some unsuccesful bids on a very similar medal in our local auction which was being held online.  In fact he got an absolute bargain having paid a few hundred pounds less for this one and no VAT or buyers he's a happy bunny this morning!

The medal was awarded to some French soldiers who fought in Crimea as allies of the British as it is a British medal.  The Turks, the French and the British fought the Russians.
The bars indicating where this man fought would have been added later and are definitely French.
It was awarded to Antoine Prayer who served in the Grand Imperial Wagon Train of Napoleon III and was most likely an officer but it doesn't state his rank on the medal itself.  The bars indicate that he served at Alma, Balaklava and Inkermann.  We are going to try and research him a bit with perhaps a short membership for a month to Ancestry who may have some records of this man.

The medal was designed by a British man called Benjamin Wyon who was a well known maker of seals and medals during this period. There are two initials on the medal, suggesting that one side may have been designed by another Wyon, perhaps a brother?

It's a rather beautiful piece of history and needless to say it will be added to the cabinet that is bursting at the seams!

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