Into the sun

I believe in Sods law. If something can go wrong it will. The bathroom shower packed in this morning just as M , who came out of hospital yesterday, was having a shower.
Yes, we knew we should have replaced it some time ago but we hung on…. and on.
Today it was “ no go”.  Trying to get a plumber at short notice is virtually impossible. Fortunately an artist friend of mine ,Ann Wegmuller’s son, David, is a builder and fixer of “all things domestic” came at very short notice and sorted it even though it was not strictly in his line of work.
We are eternally grateful.
David is a keen landscape photographer and I asked to see some of his latest work. This is one, created during the first lockdown .
M. is making progress though I remain puzzled why he has come home with no exercise regime for a hip replacement. Needless to say he refuses to take advice from me.

Photo: " Into the sun" - David Wegmuller

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