By davidc

Abstract Thursday: Twirl

You may not believe it, but this started off as an attempt to produce a kaleidoscope effect in Photoshop (based on a small area of a patterned carpet), using a technique we learnt recently in a Photoshop course I did with some colleagues from the camera club.

When we did the work in "class" it worked fine for me - although not for some of the others. However when I tried the same technique on today's photo it messed up - the various pieces didn't align properly. I'm not sure why.

So I decided to rescue it by applying John Gravett's Twirl technique to the messed-up kaleidoscope image. (I used most of the process described in one of his Youtube videos - thanks John!) I've used the technique once before on a Thursday but on this occasion I decided to miss out the later step of duplicating half the photo and flipping it, as I liked this best just how it is.

Thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting AT.

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