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Four seasons of photography

Today, we meet Ewa who lives in Sweden. She uses her long-standing nickname as her journal name. You may know her by this - it’s the wonderful Kirre

The love of her country’s distinct four seasons is very apparent in her photography.  Kirre, however, describes her images on Blipfoto as ‘a journal without any clear idea - only a photo a day.’  We think it’s an absolute page-turner and were keen to find out more.  

Read on to discover Kirre’s journey into photography, her initial disappointment in the images she captured and the reason for taking the long way home.  Don’t forget, of course, to enjoy her journal favourites in our Blipper Top 10 film at the end. 


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have always been interested in art and pictures in some way; drawings, paintings, textiles, installations and so on. Photography came much later. I joined a photo club five years ago which has been very inspiring and I have learned a lot.

Have you always been a photographer?

Really, no! When I was about 10-14 years old, my dad had an SLR camera and I thought it was complicated and too much to understand which killed my interest. I take pictures with my feelings, not with technology. In school, we also had the opportunity to take photos and work in the darkroom, which I did for a short period but the interest waned.

So, how did you become interested in photography? 

In 2006, we visited New York and for that holiday, I bought my first DSLR. I was excited. I imagined myself capturing ‘the’ photos. Unfortunately, I really didn’t understand how the camera worked and was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t take the photos the way I saw them in my head. 

Some years after that, I had time off for a period in 2010. It was then that I started to take photos mostly every day although with very varying results!  But, I continued to be inspired by friends who took nice pictures.

What started you blipping?

In 2012, some fellow photographers gave me the tip to start saving a photo every day on Blipfoto. Curious to see if I could manage 365, I took the plunge.  I challenged myself to continue years two and three although there are some days that are empty. This year, I have enjoyed saving a photo pretty much every day again.

What do you enjoy about the concept?

What I’ve found is that Blipfoto is easy to execute, the app looks great and it’s easy to use. But, most of all, it makes me remember how and where the days passed by.

Do you have a photographic style? 

I don’t think so, but I can see that I want my images to be straight, ‘tidy and clean’. I do think that’s a bit boring but that’s the way I take my photos for the moment.  I really like colour but tend to make more and more in mono as time goes on. 

How important is the journaling side to you? 

It’s really nice to look back and remember the days. For me though, I am able to take that from the photo and don’t feel the need to write - often not even a title.  My memories are saved in the photograph.

Do you use your journal to keep in touch with people?

Not on purpose, but it's a positive side effect to be able to keep in touch with other blippers although I don’t really have the time to be a very social blipper, unfortunately.


What are your favourite subjects for photography?

Probably nature and architecture. Nature is always fascinating and a never-ending source of subject matter. Architecture is fun (and it does not move!) and graphical - just love it! Abstract and macro I also find fun and relaxing.

What do you look for in a photo to save in your journal?

That really depends if it’s a day when I have a lot to choose between or if I have just taken an emergency photo. I might have a photo I’m very happy with, but if I had a similar photo the day before, I prefer to choose something else. Aside from that, I would say I choose with the heart. Or, I post a special photo that relates specifically to the day - to be able to remember ‘where and when’.

How has photography changed for you over the years? 

I have evolved a lot since I started. It’s easier to ‘find’ the picture of the day now. I believe that I have also learned and developed quite a bit since I joined my photo club. And, through blipping, I have passed the hurdle I call, ‘not good enough’! Occasionally, I do still need a ‘panic blip’ though!


Why Blipfoto? 

Well, why not?!  It’s fun, simple, makes you look at your everyday environment differently and on top of that, we have very kind fellow blippers!

What’s the biggest challenge with daily blipping?
To find the image, definitely. But with that, it opens the eyes to see the beauty in the day. This year has been much easier than before; I do not know why. The real challenge starts now though, when the days are shorter and grey, but that too is also evolving in my photography.
What does the Blipfoto community mean to you? 

All sorts of things - to share, get ideas, travel the world through photos, receive feedback.

What motivates you to keep blipping?

I’m not entirely sure… the determination maybe. Now I’ve started it would be a real pity to stop.  It also makes me walk a longer way home from work which is good. 

What would you say to other blippers or people who are considering signing up? 

Try it, if you don’t try you will not know. 

Kirre’s Top 10

Ewa has shared her favourite ten blips with us - enjoy them here in this short film.


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