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By Sallymair

East /West divide

Sunday today, I slept pretty well and was ready in plenty of time for church. Today is the second Sunday of Advent so our second advent candle was lit by another of our congregation's two babies. The other young lady was 1 today so happy birthday to her!
After church I went to pick up Eilidh from her Sunday School and bring her home to have lunch with us. Isobel came to join us after her swimming lesson and the two of them were with us for a couple of hours.
After they'd left I took advantage of the fine weather to go for a short walk. To be fair the weather has been much nicer today than the last few days. This afternoon was sunny and dry, but very cold. I left just before 4 and set off down the main road towards town. As I turned off the main road I saw the beautiful sky in the top half of the collage to the north east. The two pictures were taken just a minute apart but as I turned after taking the first picture and looked behind me I saw the sky in the second image. They couldn't have been more different. I kept walking hoping for a beautiful sunset as I came home again, but the colours just faded and the sky darkened all the way.
Ali popped over with her washing and we had a quick chat which was nice, I do miss spending time with my girls.
I failed yet again to make a start to my Christmas cards, that'll be my job over the next few days along with putting up the Christmas tree. It seems sad that nobody will see it this year but we'll enjoy it for ourselves. Cleo will be able to have some of her favourite Lametta as a special treat!!

Keep well and safe everybody, there seem to be some outbreaks of the virus on various parts of the country. We all need to do our best to try to minimise them.

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