Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Well today was about as opposite from yesterday as can be imagined - grey, gruff and damp if not actually raining.  So 'eyecatching' as Bob's subject for the WidWed challenge seemed a bit of a stretch.  Unless, of course, I went for another dusk shot.

The wonderful building right of shot is the Chesil Rectory.  15th century, now a restaurant.  The church it was the rectory of is on the other side of the road behind me.  St Peter's in the Soke and now an Am Dram theatre.

The other buildings in shot are newer but I like how their roofs follow the same pitch as the Rectory's gables  And also the way the Christmas lights look as though they all join up, whereas the other buildings are on the Eastgate roundabout and there is, of course, a road between the Rectory and the cycle shop.  So that's my eye-catchingness haha!

Now a confession - this is the third time this month I've tried to get an okay shot of here.  I think today's has worked.

While in town for this I had a chat with Frank.  Fiercely independent, Frank has been in Winchester even longer than I have.  He used to live in a bender in the woods but now has gone respectable.  He has created a wonderful (and very productive) garden secreted away on a bit of land owned by one of the utilities.  I don't often get him to talk, but today he told me about the apple and damson trees he planted this year, while I communed with his sweet and beautifully cared for dogs, Nelson and Kazoo.

So that's my day..

Hope you're has been/is being a good one too  xx

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