There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Arboretum's Lily Pond, Mid-December

This day featured several things: a visit to my office to do some more sorting and removal of things, a quick stop at the Arboretum, and a staff meeting type of event on Zoom, where two of us who are retiring at the year's end were recognized and celebrated. Lots of nice things were said by people who matter to me, I got to make a few remarks myself, and it was a fine send-off indeed!

T. Tiger accompanied me on my Arboretum visit, and we checked out its holiday finery. The Arboretum's critters are all decked out for Christmas, and there is a tree in the Glass House waiting to be decorated. There are also trees in the Pavilion, and T. Tiger posed among them for photos.

Lots of planting has been taking place in the newer section of the Arboretum that will be the pollinator garden. A woman was kneeling, planting bulbs, as I walked by. I can't wait to see the spring tulip show! Also of note: the last few roses are blooming in the fragrance garden.

The temperatures on this day were oddly mild, and the water on the lily pond is not frozen yet, so it was open for reflections, much to my glee. So today's photo is a picture of the lily pond, with reflections galore on a blue-sky mid-December day!

The soundtrack song is a tune about water. Here is Jackson Browne, who wrote it. And here is Linda Ronstadt, who did an awesome cover of it: Rock Me on the Water.

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