What Kind of Bird Is THAT!???

My husband loves to feed the birds. He puts out chopped peanuts several times each day. Now that the weather has grown colder, he has added two more feeding stations: small trays atop little yard tables. You should see the rush of birds when he puts fresh trays out!

A few days ago, LGK, the neighbors' cat, jumped up on one of the trays and started eating all of the peanuts. It was really something to see. I had never heard of a cat eating peanuts before. All of the little birds flew around shouting mean things at him!!!

On this morning, LGK did it again - I guess he's developed a taste for them - up onto the tray he went, digging in voraciously. And so I took a few pictures: Behold the face of a bad cat!!!

The soundtrack song is this one: U2, with Bad, from Live Aid in 1985. What an amazing concert! Who WASN'T having more fun in 1985????

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