There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Young Cooper's Hawk

I took my camera along on my daily walk, and I was glad I did, for I had two decent bird sightings. As I started out on my walk, I stopped to photograph some red berries by the roadside. On my return trip, there was a bird in that bush, which turned out to be a northern mockingbird (see extra photo).

I spotted a flash of white along the tree line, which I suspected to be the underbelly of a hawk. I also saw it last week, when I was sans camera. With my super-zoom, I was able to snag some photos and get a much better look at the young Cooper's hawk - with its spotty back and stripey front, it appears to be well camouflaged in the photo above!

Let me include this info about the hawk, shared by a friend: "He’s about six months old. He can live a long time if he survives his first winter. Most hawks die of starvation during their first winter. After that, they’ve mastered hunting skills and can cope with adversity."

For my soundtrack song, I get to use this one: Carly Simon and James Taylor, with Mockingbird.

P.S. Thank you for all of yesterday's 10-year blip-day greetings! All of your good wishes are much appreciated!

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