T. Tiger's New Winter Outfit

Thanks for popping in! This posting celebrates my 10-year Blip anniversary! Woo-hoo! And now for a bit of silliness. . . .

These are very exciting times for a very little Tiger! A surprise package arrived in the mail the other day. We opened it to find inside some gifts, including a brand new winter outfit for Tiny Tiger!

The gift tag said that it was from a "Secret Admirer." (But I knew that it was from my good friend Mary D! Shh, don't tell Tiny T!) The little prayer shawl, he decided to sit on, as it was so nice and comfy.

There was a stripey hat inside, with a white pom-pom on the end. And a scarf with more stripes. And a mask that was just the right size - the elastic slipped right over his ears - with a red truck and two Christmas trees on it. So festive and seasonal!

Thank you to my friend for the gifties and the jocularity that went with it!

Thank you to the many friends who will stop by on this day to say Hi!
Those ten years went by in the blink of an eye.

And now for the soundtrack song, as is my custom. This is a tune for a very fashionable Tiger: David Bowie, with Fashion.

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