Ferry nice out today

Dull but dry today and we drove down town before lunch to do bits of shopping and visit the computer place and the bank. This was a picture out of the car window while I was watching for the parkie to come along! Not sure how much of the three islands can be seen in one day! Not a lot, I think. 

After lunch I donned my hi-viz and went for a litter-picking stroll around my usual circuit and picked up a couple of bags worth. On the way home I went up to the Tower and to my surprise I found no rubbish at all! Either somebody else has been litter-picking (likely) or the local brain-dead have been behaving themselves (unlikely).

I stopped up at the high point of Star Brae to snap the MV Loch Striven coming in as the Loch Linnhe chugged out. My ferry buff extra again. Not sure why Lismore needs two ferries in December when Loch Striven does the necessary all summer!

Quite a good sunset at the end of the day!

(Risqué) Limerick of the Day:

An effeminate poet from Kent,
On improving his vocab. was bent.
All this writing gay stuff
Seems, he said, fairy nuff,
Queer he had no idea what it meant!

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