Testing Time

Euan spent the first part of the morning pushing the laundry basket around the kitchen and discovering that it didn't work at all well on carpet compared to the wooden floor.

Then it was time for our daily visit to the ducks, gulls and swans on the pond, this time in sunshine (yahey!)  There is the regulation paddle in the puddle on the feeding station, good to see most folks feeding proper stuff these days, only one family with bread last week, standing right next to the very visible sign saying, 'Thank you for not feeding us bread.'  Then it was a toddle along to say goodbye to the ducks before back in the stroller and down the mountainside to the cricket field, pausing at the gushing stream.  The horses were down at the bottom of the field so it was straight to the park and a few goes on the swings before, sadly, it began to rain.

Back home and post banana snack, Tony built towers of toilet rolls for Euan to knock down which kept him going till nap time.  He slept very well today so lunch was late, tomato soup and vegetable fritters and orange.  Mummy wanted to try out the fancy new backpack so we had another walk up through the estate and back across the moor, much more fun than the stroller and Euan enjoyed being up high.

Now we are all yawning....

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