Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Snoopy and Cocoa

Well..... mri confirmed the bad shoulder.  Now that is an interesting experience.... Broken impacted upper humerus, rotator cuff tear ( cause of the huge hematoma... probably due to anticoagulants I take )See shoulder doc tomorrow but plan is still to fix the wrist with surgery  on Friday and worry about the rest later.. had to switch places due to my  heart issues. .   it’s all too much for me/us.   Popping Tylenol like candy. 
So... we had deliveries to make and wanted the family to see I’m alive so the best part of the day was short afternoon visits.. with son Eric/snoopy and cocoa who was most interested in her new Xmas sock.  Boys were still in “school” and mom was working... thank goodness...   Then of course to other son’s and maple who seemed uncharacteristically respectful of my bad arm in a sling.   added a few more left handed phone shots  in the extra ,. Tatum and I had the same red flannel moose pants on today.  Her mom is a PT so there was discussion of her physical  therapy experiences for shoulders.... she’s a very useful smart and knowledgeable dil to have!.. as well as being a cool mom to those granddaughters.

VERY  bummed to say the least but family including grand dogs helps a lot.  And Eating fionas cookies.  Will report again tomorrow. .

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