Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Fiona tuesday

Well...she had to wait an hour for us to return from the shoulder dr. .. well worth the visit tho....the broken bone is the big priority and will  just heal where it is.   Will check it in 3 weeks to make sure..  Some small tears of rotator cup too but nothing major... might just heal well enuf.  Patience and a lot more Tylenol,  like this doc.  Hope the covid test is ok for the wrist surgery on Friday.
But Fiona was in her usual form although late...gave us a tour of the indoor decorations we couldn’t see yesterday, a Swedish race, the new gingerbread house ,her magic winter wonderland  PMV village and family,a chapter of our book and then the new additions to her own Harry Potter she is writing. (For female  “Dallas”)Whew... but wait, there’s more.  Now a battleship game on the phone with Boppa.   Her cookies were good.  Forgot to mention yesterday that college acceptances are starting  to filter in to her sister... Tatum is sad not knowing if there will be a Senior prom or graduation although there are plans.. but she says with glee “ I’m going to college,”
And now it’s late to cook the other  blue apron dinner.. but hark we are saved by a neighbor who delivers the perfect hot soup that hits the spot.  I can’t seem to make her stop.
Seemed slow but a lot happened.  Very tired.  Need more sleep.. can’t get used to sleeping on my back and not moving.  No appointments for 2 days. Yea. Can’t make that photo grid logo disappear any’s an easy thing to do on iPad with left finger. 

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