We’ve enjoyed a simply awesome summers day.
I know many of you will be wondering and missing my friend and Blipper oldTimer......here she is alive and kicking !!  Well not really kicking, but looking good and proud of her beautiful peonies which have been put onto a canvas.  
She rang me early this morning to make sure I was home as wanted to show me the canvas before it is wrapped in Christmas paper and given to her daughter-in-law.  
Just over two weeks ago I did some editing on this image for her and we got it sent away for print the same afternoon.
Little did she realise that within 24 hours she would be violently ill with an extreme reaction to an injection. The last two weeks haven’t been good, her improving health has been slow, far too slow for her.  But she is listening to her body and resting and sleeping when required.  She says she will return to blip, but hasn’t the energy or motivation at this time.
I’ve just finished my last zoom for 2020 with my North Island photography friends, we intend continuing in 2021. 


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