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By debsthoughts

Lost: Small Commuter Plane

After much contemplation and searching I bought a plane today. It was a screaming deal that I just couldn't pass up. It needs a bit of work but I'm not worried. What do you think?

There's only one problem, I need to get it towed home. I'm thinking it might make a good tool shed for the back yard or maybe a fun play house for the grandkids.

Our daughter and the grandkids joined us at church this morning and then she had us over for lunch. Owen was in a great mood. He smooched all over us with big kisses and hugs, and he entertained us with the complete lyrics of the ABC song. He doesn't miss even one letter of the alphabet; he enunciates even L M N O P...Our hearts are full when we spend time with them. So after we came home I went back out to run some errands and on my way home from the car wash I spotted this plane. Keep in mind this is not an airport, although there is a small municipal airport not far from here. This thing is just 'parked' here near this old farm out building; there is an old wooden barn nearby too. The wings are sheared off, the propeller is missing and as you can see, windows are broken out. You gotta wonder, did someone dump it here? Was it towed or pushed over here after a landing gone wrong?

You know I was only kidding about buying a plane, right?

Today I am thankful for the warmth inside my house (it's cold again and 1-3" of snow is expected later tonight), for the energy to run after my grandchildren, and for airplanes (even the lost and broken ones).

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