Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Peace, Dude

Today my six week wait for a new washing machine was to be over. Without going into the weeds, the nightmare continues. I kept my visit in the mountains a day or two shorter than I wanted because they assured me when I called to confirm last Friday that it would be delivered today. They blamed it on......CHINA....and wanted me to wait until the 22nd but "no guarantees."
Canceled order.
Called Home Depot
got a better deal on a better machine
delivery is free
and it will be here on Saturday.
Both Whirlpools.
China, huh?

Simple decorations and lights on this house but I thought it was poignant, especially this year.

James Corden cracked me up with this on his show last night:
"Now that the Electoral College has made the results official, the only thing left for Trump to do is to go all limp and lay on the floor of the Oval Office, just like my three-year old when he won't leave the toy store."

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