A good day...I had some urgent editing to do this morning, didn't really get started as early as hoped as we had irrigation "issues".   However, did get it finished and off to the recipients.
This afternoon, as happens every Wednesday, Doug went off to golf croquet.  I spent some time in the garden, deheading my roses, and generally pottering.  
What to blip?  I had the urge to do ICM, chose my petunias and stock that is looking magnificent in one of our patio boxes.  I realise this isn't everybody's cup of tea, and have put the real deal in extra.  Take a look, it looks amazing.  
But, this being my journal it gives me a chance to play around with different photography ideas.....in camera movement up and down, then in PS to add a another exposure.  A "dogs breakfast" but I like it. 
Warm conditions today again, getting very dry.  What's new, we always seem to have drought conditions.


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