I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... protecting the nips!

Sorry if that offers .... but every time I see a squirrel sitting like this that's what I think!

Anyhoo ... we are expecting a Nor'easter to blow through here today into tomorrow. The forecast is for 8-12 inches of snow for our region ... that's more snow than we got all last winter.  I will let you know tomorrow the grand total when it's all done!

I sat inside the sunroom today as the deck is still too icy for me to walk on.  I don't want to risk a fall to this rather interesting year.  The squirrels were busy as were all the birds .... I'm sure they sense the storm coming.  The little Carolina Wren (bottom left) surprised me by taking one of those peanuts ... I'd never seen them do that before.  The Mourning Dove (upper left) picture was taken first thing this morning out the front window.  Neither of the bird pictures is all that great as the lighting was poor today. 

Speaking of not all that great ....
Pennsylvania COVID-19 by the numbers (12/17/20):
Positive cases in Pennsylvania  - 519,369* (one-day increase of 10,049)
Number of deaths in Pennsylvania - 13,168 (one-day increase of 350)
Cases in Northampton County -  13,151 (last death count was 370)

* Total case counts include confirmed and probable cases. 

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