Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Down the Glen to the Sound

A so-so day today, some sun, some cloud, some damp - a bit of everything. I drove down to my secret Christmas tree cutting location and found a very shapely 4ft tree which I bundled into the car. It's OK - I'm doing the world a favour by gradually removing, over many years, the self-sown Sitka spruce which infest the road verge at this point! 

On the way home I drove down Glenshellach which is a beautiful back road leading to the sea on the Sound of Kerrera. The Planning Department is doing its best to ruin it - if I'd taken a picture in the other direction you'd have seen the houses and three storey flats which are creeping from Oban along this lovely glen. One day they'll probably reach the end and then there'll be no point driving down here any more. 

When I reached the coast a ship was coming in from the sea - as it came closer it turned out to be the buoy-laying vessel 'Pole Star'. I waited until it came into the Sound and took a picture of it against the backdrop of the Isle of Kerrera for today's extra. 

Quote of the Day:

Siddhi Jhanwar - "In this era of twinkling stars, be someone's Pole Star."

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