Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


G was invited to breakfast in Dubai Design District (D3) today by one of our OaSis ladies. I drove her and got invited too, so was glad I took my camera! So, D3 is less than five years old and houses some super cool businesses. It's such a chilled out place. I bet the people who work there love going to the office every day!

Camelia chose The Lighthouse to meet up in. My extra shows one of three croissants we ordered as well as a few other "items" that caught my eye while we had a little walk around after we said our goodbyes. The biggest picture in the extra is taken at Dubai Creek Harbour where we drove to as we were "out".

When G was doing her ideathon, she had emailed Camelia her PowerPoint presentation to get her feedback. Camelia loved her ideas and the meeting today was to see how she could help get them off the ground. Amazing! She is a real implementer and works for a company who do a lot of CSR so there is a lot of potential.

We went on the hunt for the new tower they are building which is going to be even taller than the Burj Khalifa but didn't find it. We sussed out a bit of Dubai Creek Harbour and found the Bateaux Dubai instead but it didn't look as if it is working anymore. We were both flaking from having late nights and early mornings, so headed home for a nap and the rest of the day, except things took over and we just kept going.

G had a Zoom e-Christmas Carol meeting just before T@3. It was, er, interesting listening to the sounds coming out. It didn't sound very tuneful! T@3 was loads of fun. We introduced them to the Video Filters and Studio Effects!

That's Week 1 of G's Christmas holidays over. Yikes!

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