Getting Christmassy

Work Christmas party day (on Zoom, don't get too excited).  Popped up to the delivery office again this morning to send the last of my Christmas parcels.  Again, straight in and out (cutting through the massive post office queue to get there - so pleasing!)

Had a busy morning/early afternoon after that, then dialled in for the Christmas do.  Different, of course, being online, but still a fun couple of hours.  My boss and my colleague/friend, Maw, had devised a quiz for us, along with a selfie challenge - all rather silly, but a good way to get us all interacting, and the last hour or so was filled with easy chat.

I'd thought I might carry on working after that, but it was 5pm and I really couldn't be bothered, so I finished early for once.  Weekend!

(This photo is the back view of the sweet crocheted wreath we received from my sister-in-law yesterday, now hanging on our front door.  It has lights!)

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