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By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: Synthmas

Groovier in large

Im was planning to go home ("home home") for Christmas (with suitably careful boundaries), but that no longer seems appropriate or practicable, but we continued with our own low-key early Christmas plan so that we could jam with our synthy gifts together.

I'm constantly trying to give Im the electronic instrument bug (although she already has an electric cello, which is pretty hardcore music-tech-ery), and she recently found a quirky instrument (le MicroFreak, with the motto "Un grain de folie") that piqued her interest. It has an unusual capacitive keyboard which can modulate sound based on the surface area of the key touched...
We had our first little jam today with our new instruments, but I'll have to blip my wonderful Synthmas present another day.

Other Micro-MicroFreak pics here (or right from Swing and Spice)

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