Capital adventures

By marchmont


I had a pretty good night's sleep and was up bright and earlyish to cycle to the pool.  No sign of Willow though. and of course no collar so no sound either.

The pool was quite busy and I overhead a lot of chat about the new rules.  I was feeling pretty negative about the next few weeks.  Swimming has been the thing that's kept me sane since September, getting out, exercise and meeting real people.  I am not looking forward to being stuck in the house and then self isolating and then the recovery period.  It is going to be a tough 3 months.  And of course the op may be cancelled.  I am not thinking about that scenario.

Willow returned nonchalantly walking across the grass, phew!  I had a call to A so he could tell me a joke and cheer me up.  I felt better after that. 

It was a lovely day.  The sun was shining and there are so many plants either still blooming or getting ready for spring. E and I went a walk around Ellen's Glen.  It was good to be out with nature and we are so lucky, it is so close.  We discussed the changes.  Many people's plans are now scuppered.  Fortunately looks like we will be ok.

I'd been planning to do the Christmas shop Tuesday but decided to go down to Cameron Toll today.  Even with a list it took a while but it wasn't busy.  Doesn't feel at all what a supermarket is like in the run up to a normal Christmas. 

Now home and everything is put past.  Both fridges are pretty full.  Anything else will come from Margiotta.

A quiet evening beckons, with candles and chocolate.

F2F - 7
Phone calls - 1
Virtual - 0

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