Christmas Baubles

I was so pleased by my first plain background that I thought I'd push my luck with a second one of baubles hanging from the ceiling of the Mall in Maidstone. I'm trying to find out how to do that colour spot technique. Can anybody help. Is there a good, ideally free, app for the iphone or online? The PS Express online says it does it but I can't see it.

I was there to collect the turkey and the last few items. Town very quiet as were the food shops. No queues, people fairly well behaved which is more than can be said for Mote Park. I seemed invisible to people on the footpath having to walk off the path onto the grass every time we passed a group strewn across the path. 

Strange that, as I'm 6'4" and was wearing a bright red jacket and my Santa hat complete with pompom on the end. And of the dozens of people I passed only 3 made a comment and hardly anyone, not even the children, looked at me!

We spent the afternoon, or rather two hours of it talking to friends Sue and Bob on FaceTime. They're having what can only be a torrid time with Bob's mum who is 96, is living with them and has dementia rather badly. Sue is a transplant patient who is at great risk from Covid so has not been out for ages and has been bearing the brunt of the MIL's condition. We hope we helped.

This shot counts for Tiny Tuesday I hope. Thanks to Carol Dunham for hosting.

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