By dunkyc

Logging off #2

I’m done with work for seven days, which is great. The wee ones are back with me, which is also great and I’m fortunate enough that a few weeks ago, having elected to stay home with the children on Christmas Day anyway, my plans are unaffected by the current clusterf**kery going on at the highest levels.

Regardless, my current state of mind, probably like a lot of people in the world right now, is best demonstrated by this small pile of logs for the burner in the front room. Everything is piled up in such a fashion and so haphazardly that to look at it, you would be forgiven for thinking that the pile is destined for collapse. 

Yet, somehow, through the stacking process an awkward equilibrium has been found and against the odds, the pile remains standing. 

I don’t know exactly how. Maybe it’s because there’s a solid foundation or a strong core taking the strain? Maybe it doesn’t matter how and it’s important instead to just accept the fact that it is still standing and be grateful for it.

I just blipped about logs. I think I’m ready for my break…

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