By dunkyc

Christmas Curry Club

It’s been a big day in one way or another.

Firstly, it was my final day at work before a few days off over Christmas and it was relatively painless. The offspring joined me this evening and The Youngest came in with something she’d been working on with her Grandpa, which was President Teddy’s flat (extra) and I think it is fantastic!

Secondly, I’ve accepted that my mental health is not in a good state at all and that I need some assistance in dealing with the anxiety. I know that we all get anxious about things from time to time and that it is a perfectly normal/human response to certain events, but being in a perpetual state of it for no particular reason for over a year is not healthy and takes a toll. Following a consultation, I’ve got some medication to try which will hopefully take the edge off - already I’m feeling better for just having made the decision. Clearly, I’m light (or heavy?) on some brain chemicals in this regard and need some help in redressing the balance AND THAT’S OK.

Finally, following the musings on here and encouragement from a couple of you wonderful blippers, I took the offspring out tonight for our inaugural Christmas Curry Club dinner. Despite some initial grumblings from m’boy, once we’d got in out of the drizzle they were soon tucking into poppadums, sampling the pickle tray and generally being brilliant dinner company. My girls shared a Korma, whilst m’boy had Chom Chom Chicken (banana type dish, which tasted better than it sounds) and it was all great fun. And hideously expensive.

I’m looking forward to the break now, spending time with the family and hopefully giving my addled brain a little bit of respite!

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