Sugar Britches & the Sweet Treats Team: OMG, Cake!

So yes, it is true. I am retiring from Penn State. They sent me a $99 gift card for the Creamery, which I plan to put to very good use. And then they ordered me a cake from the Penn State Bakery. Oh my! Their icing is out of this world!

I was supposed to pick up the cake last week, on Thursday morning. But that day found us digging out from a huge snowstorm that dropped a foot and a half to two feet of snow in my area. So we rescheduled the cake for this week.

How was I to get the cake? The instructions were simple: Just go to the Housing & Food Services building. Walk around the side to the truckers' lounge. Ring the bell, and someone will bring you your cake. And so I did that. It felt very strange, like a drug deal gone bad. Only, with CAKE!

When I got the cake home, T. Tiger and the Crittergators had to check the cake out. This was a new activity for T. Tiger, but the Crittergators are veteran cake sitters from way back when, having had LOTS of practice sitting on the Nittany Lion Inn gingerbread cake at holiday time.

So T. Tiger assumed a position of leadership at the corner of the cake, and the Crittergators took their places under the word Congratulations. Yes, I placed a tiny square of wax paper under T. Tiger to save him from getting too sticky, but I have to tell you he has a new nickname now: Sugar Britches!!!!

Here is a song for this silly and sweet scene: the Eurythmics, with Sweet Dreams.

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