Into the Winter Woods

Morning found us in my Mazda. My husband took the car to run an errand or two and drop off some recycles, and he dropped me off at Mahala to do a several-mile hike, ending up back home. Of course, I had my tunes box and my Tiger and my camera, so I was set to go!

The trees are bare now, and the woods look like full-on winter, except there's no snow on the ground yet. All lonely, dark, and deep, as the fella says in the poem. But I don't mind it at all. In fact, there is a phrase I learned recently, dod yn ôl at fy nghoed," which literally means "to return to my trees" - and, somewhat more metaphysically, "to return to a balanced state of mind."

So don't mind me - when I return to the woods, no matter how spare and winter-bare the trees may seem, I am happy, for I am going home!

The soundtrack song is this one: Enya, with On My Way Home.

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