There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Sky Is Blue/A Reflection of Trees on Ice

My husband and I went for what turned out to be about a four-mile hike around the Scotia Barrens. It's convenient that it's nearby enough that we don't even have to move a car to get there. So the cars stayed home, and off we went.

The surface of the water is starting to freeze now, and there are many ponds that look sort of like beaver ponds there. Whether there are beavers on this one currently, who knows, but I have seen them on occasion on the lower ponds.

I love to make reflections shots, and when the freeze first begins, it is possible to make reflections shots on ice, too. So here is a soothing little set of reflections: my personal impression of trees on ice. And yes, the sky was quite blue!

A friend has commented that this looks like a watercolor. I guess if it were, those frosty ice patterns would be the Painter's brush strokes! For what I saw was an art work created by the Master's hand; I am just the girl with a camera.  ;-)

A thing I enjoy about photography is using the opportunity to SEE things differently. Winter does that. Things look different covered in ice, or reflected on ice. One day at the Arboretum's lily pond, a strange lady asked me a very good question. She wondered how I decide what to point my camera at, and I have been thinking about that question ever since!

What are you LOOKING AT? What do you SEE? My own theory is that photography is an exercise in learning to see everything as beautiful. And then trying to SHOW people why you thought it was beautiful. Which requires imagination, and love, and yes, a camera!

As we walked through the woods, we also stumbled upon an old, abandoned Detroiter mobile home or camper. Detroiters of one variety or another were made from the late 1940s into the 1980s. We believe this one to be from the 1950s era.

T. Tiger checked out the views from the camper, and you may see a photo of him sitting in one of its windows in the extras. Its vintage appeal may seem charming right now, T. Tiger, but I think if you stayed on by yourself, you'd be longing for home shortly!!!

Our soundtrack song is, quite fittingly, from Jakob Dylan's album, Seeing Things. All of the songs on it are good. Here is Something Good This Way Comes.

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