There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Abstraction: Glories of the Frost

We had a cold night on Sunday night into Monday morning, in which the temperatures dipped into the low 20s F. My husband was in the drive way getting ready to scrape the frost off our two outside cars, but he (knowing what a camera geek I am for such neat things) hailed me and asked me to come take a look at the frost before he removed it.

Well, what a delightful frost show I encountered! I grabbed my camera and shot through the frosty windows into the light. It was like cuneiform, frosty overnight messages from the winter elves. I took several dozen photos and here are two of my favorites. One is up top and the other is in the extras. Enjoy!

My soundtrack song is from the movie Frozen. Here is Idina Menzel, with Let It Go.

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