There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Wonderful Sign: The Whirling Rainbow of Peace

It was a very big day for me, as it was the last work day of my life!!! I had lots of things to finish up, and I did my best on that. But I also had an errand or two to run, as I needed to pick up my new pair of glasses (eye care coverage stops when I retire) and drop off my computer, iPad, keys, fobs, PSU credit card, and parking tag at the office.

I won't tell you the long version of my work story here, but I'll tell you this: As a very little girl, I dreamed that I would one day have a career that would make a difference, and that I would help accomplish good things in the world. I have had the opportunity to do that, and I am so grateful.

These have been bittersweet days, since I announced my retirement. For I have LOVED my work at Penn State and was treated very well by them at every turn. And I have helped create a world-class team that DOES make a difference every single day; yes, in fact, I BUILT that team from the ground up!

Knowing all of this, you must understand that it has been a very verklempt time for me, as I've had to take my partings from everything from my beloved teammates to my office to all of the work systems I've had access to for most of my life. It's sort of amazing making such big changes. Also, as you might imagine, these past few "last" days, I have never been far from tears.

Since March, my world changed, and as we worked from home, I was both glad of the opportunity to do so and sad to miss those rituals I never realized that I looked forward to: the daily shower, dressing in work clothes and actual SHOES and jewelry, and putting a CD in, and driving to work with the tunes blasting, with maybe a tiny fun stop here or there along the way.

So I did all of that again, and maybe I'm just a simpleton, but it felt really, really good. And I felt almost like I'd gotten it all back: every little thing I'd missed. (Except family, of course, but that's a whole other story for another day.)

At the glasses place, they unlocked the door and let me in and took my temperature (97 degrees F, thanks very much) and sanitized me and gave me my glasses. And the glasses fit fine and the progressive lenses didn't freak me out too much, but will definitely take some time getting used to.

So I took my new glasses and put them on and strolled over to Tudek Park, which is (conveniently) directly behind the eyeglass place! The sun came out and the transitions lenses darkened up like sunglasses do and it was all very cool.

And as I marched up the hill through the sloppy snow in the sun, I saw it: a sun halo, a weather phenomenon that occurs when sunlight passes through ice crystals in the clouds. It is referred to by some, much more poetically, as the Whirling Rainbow:

The Whirling Rainbow – Prophecy promises “there will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.”
~Ancient Navajo and Hopi Indian Prophecy

And I took it as a very good sign indeed, of great things to come!!!! I also photographed the big white oak tree that stands by the barn at Tudek Park, and you may see that in the extras. That white oak is one of my very best and favorite tree friends, and I do not get to visit it often enough.

T. Tiger had come along with me on my last big work adventure, and he wanted to go to the Arboretum and visit the other creatures. The last time we went there, all of the critters were wearing red bows, and T. Tiger had none; he admitted that he felt very under-dressed.

He wanted to go back this time, WEARING a red bow, and so after we dropped off my work stuff at the office and building I won't be going back to anymore, we zipped by the Arboretum for a little visit.

In the extras you may see a photo of T. Tiger with the snake at the Children's garden, looking quite chummy and festive. He also insisted on making some kaleidoscope art, and so you may see a sample of that in the extras too.

It was a very big day all around, full of both sweet and bittersweet things. All about it there was the sense of an ending. And there was a song running through my head, which I'll share with you now: Bob Seger's Famous Final Scene.

Think in terms of bridges burned
Think of seasons that must end
See the rivers rise and fall
They will rise and fall again

Everything must have an end
Like an ocean to a shore
Like a river to a stream
Like a river to a stream
It's the famous final scene

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