Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Christmas Duke

A rather lovely Christmas Day - small but perfectly formed, as you might say.  My son and his partner came for lunch bringing Duke.  I took this by the front door.  Duke is looking slightly worried as they'd gone back to the car to get the pressies leaving him in the hall, but I tied a bit of ribbon round his collar to make him look Christmassy ;))

In Extras is a silly pic of J and T - not taken by me and not taken today, but even though not that great, I did want to add it.  It made me smile.  And it's probably the last time we'll see them for quite a while..

Soon we will be gathering ourselves together for more eating - can we survive it???

Hope you've all had a good and happy day.  Thank you for all your kind and generous comments last night.  And let's hope we can all look forward to a better - and healthy - New Year  xxx

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