By Bella888

Batten the hatches

I’m an ‘A-Lister’, one of the main news items!  Down here Storm BELLA is forecast to start blowing up at 8pm or so. 

Checked our enclosed balcony which usually gets a battering, and have brought the binoculars in just in case. We don’t often have amber warnings, hope I’ll sleep through it.   No problems for Mr. B puts his head on the pillow and he’s fast asleep.

Went for our walk, dressed suitably for the cool wind. Was far too hot on the return. Difficult to know what to wear at the moment.  

Fewer people around than expected,  deterred by the forecast, or perhaps they’d headed to the sales - before any possible lockdown.  

Off to prepare dinner ...
Stay safe, especially those in the path of this storm. 

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