By dreaming

A remedy for sadness

I was fortunate to have a visit with the twins today, to perk me up in my sadness for Minkelina.  They are developing motor skills at a wonderful rate.  Max has taken up scooting himself along the floor using his feet and knees and is actively trying to sit up (Extra with Lex.)  After I had fed him, I held his hands and he pulled himself up to sitting and then wanted to stay that way.  It was thrilling.  Sam is not yet too interested in those activities, but he's moving himself around in the play pen much more and is able to stand pretty firmly while in the exersaucer.  Today the boys were less interested in reading books than in eating them.

I cannot express to you how much your words of comfort and support have meant to me since yesterday.  The house feels very empty now, but knowing that you all care for me and for Minkelina means a lot.

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