The details ...

... you see upon closer inspection.

They were calling for warmer temperatures today so we went up to Jacobsburg State Park in the afternoon.  It was colder than they forecasted but it was still lovely to be outside.  The company was especially nice. ♥

I took this picture as we walked the trail and it wasn't until I had uploaded it to my laptop that I noticed all the little details.  I really like all the tiny leaf stems poking through the leaf on top.  On the way back down the trail the lighting was totally different!

I've added a couple of extras if you'd like to have a look.  The first is Cheddar enjoying a little nap in our bed.  As a Christmas treat we had left the bedroom door open at night .... which previously has been closed to the cats.  Cheddar came in this morning after R had gotten up and whilst I was still in bed.  He made it hard to make the bed but I returned later to make it!  And I know what you are thinking ... your sheets and pillows don't match!!! Since we left the bedroom door open all night Kiera slept with us for the first time ever! Yay!

The second extra is a little Black-capped Chickadee that flew onto the deck railing while I was sitting out there.  I got one or two good shots as he/she helped him/herself to the peanuts.  I love these little cuties!

Backblipped: December 29, 2020 ... Monday to follow soon. 

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