On the sixth day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me,
Six crumpets a-toasting (yep, reindeer crumpets!)
Five gol-den rings,
Four chirping birds,
Three french wines,
Two golden doves,
And a fluffy cat sitting by a Christmas tree!

A frosty start to another cold day, but still no snow. Thank you for all your kind words yesterday, thankfully a much quieter and calmer day today, though the news was rather grim, tomorrow we move up to Tier 3.

Take care, stay safe and well...

(Coronavirus Tier 2 - Day 29)

On a different note... Am having difficulty transferring photos from my iPad by email. When the I open the emailed photos on the laptop (Windows 10), the file has shrunk to a thumbnail. If anyone can explain why this is happening and offer a fix I would be very grateful. 

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