Happy Birthday Weather Station

After yesterday I thought that I should blip the end result of yesterday’s labours; and while I’m at it the same for the day before with a trail cam on the tripod investigating the possible use of a nest box.
Well the weather station had its birthday, and if I hadn’t screwed the sensor back on the wrong side of the plate I would have got it back together without the aid of - I hate to say it - manual.
Rubbish end to the day trying to arrange a pick-up from UPS.  All else failed so we phoned up to find they are closed, INCLUDING the booking system which allowed you to go completely through and just said “not available” when you tried to complete!!!!!!!!
A happy new year to one and all, and may I be the first to wish you all a merry Christmas 2021 - I do like to get in early . . .

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