The Last Post

This may not seem to be much to you (some may have their own ideas), but it means a lot to me.  It signifies the end of a satisfying day preparing for moving the weather station to its new location.
The bay tree has been over-shadowing the weather station for some time now, so it was either another drastic pruning (it was pollarded last time), or moving the weather station.  As we are loosing Prince Charles’s willow tree, and now the oak next to it has gone, moving is trumps.  (Not to be confused with Donald.)
The anemometer is in its best place, so not moving it has been overcome by the purchase of an extension cable. 
So the first job today was to ensure that it still worked with an extra 30mtrs of cable - it did.
The second job was to run out the cable from the existing position of the weather station, to the new position.  Not a mean job, taking in gutters and wrought iron railings etc.
The other job was to get a post in position ready to receive the weather station.  Although behind the fence panel there is the original heavy duty oak square fence post, this has moved in the past forty years, so to utilise it to hold the weather station post involved quite a bit of work, not just adapting the bracket for its new job (old bracket - holes did not align with ‘u’ bolts - I actually used my centre punch . . .), but padding out the fixings to get it upright.
I think you will (may) agree that I did a reasonable job.
All that remains is to take down the weather station, give it a birthday, and fix it in its new location.
Apologies for rambling on, but I did finish the day with a rather large ‘sun-downer’!?

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