Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Empty roads

Today I didn't go to the reserve (shock horror) instead it was a trip into town to buy the washing liquid my weekly delivery failed to deliver. Dhurr!  The roads were pretty empty, as was the city centre.  Is Winchester learning covid sense at last?

Anyway this blip was taken in Hyde Street, which is, admittedly, closed at one end.  For social distancing purposes allegedly.  Even so, cars do need access and do come down here, but the cyclist seemed entirely unbothered.

Also brought home two bunches of tulips to replace the colourful decs - not removed as promised, I notice - and finished the last of the Christmas blue cheese supply at lunchtime.  The festivities, such as they were, are disappearing, but reluctantly.  Is the problem that there's not much to put in their place?

All hail, 2021!

And have a fab evening, lovely blipfriends  xx

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