By schorschi

Ice Free

For the NYE sauna, 'we' (read Angie) could not use our swimming pool to cool down as the ice is too thick. Have also been WhatsApp-ing the last few days about those, especially in the UK, who enjoy winter wild water swimming. So on the evening walk, went down to one of the local swimming lakes expecting it to be frozen. But for a tiny bit (triangle near top left covered in snow) it was ice-free. If I should get the urge, I now know where to go.

Was a bit surprised however it could be the difference between Real temperature which is hovering just below 0 °C all day and Feel's Like temperature of -9 °C at 16:00. There was a slight breeze as shown by the (beer) flags in the extra photo which made the evening walk feel very cold. Temperature not due to get above freezing all week and perhaps the occasional snow shower but nothing much.

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