Deanna guessed correctly.

I defrosted the freezer overnight, loaded all the frozen foods into large supermarket carriers, then put them in the garden shed overnight. So first job this morning wipe out the freezer, get it switched back on, & loaded a couple of hours later before I headed down to CK to walk Indie. A bitterly cold wind this morning so I actually donned a very fetching bright pink knitted hat, one of those with dangly tassels. It was the best of the 4 warm hats I have. I don't wear hats, they look horrendous  on me but keeping warm was more important.  
I checked out the abandoned sandwich box again on today's walk with Indie, a trinket & message added since I first spotted it earlier in the week,  the box tucked under tree roots, a rock placed on top. The camera film cannister had a self sealed bag inside within, names & dates on a small roll of paper. Twaz a geocache. The message read "Travel to 50 caches than come back to the Lo? to Gloggnitz, Lower Austria"
Coffee with Mum on my return, filled in some info on her 2021 calendar, then back to base.
Cut back the frosted stems on the Amicia. Looking very sad today.. Did the Saturday & Sunday crosswords over lunch, then sorted some e.mails, deleting a lot of old mails.
Baked ham with homegrown veggies for dinner tonight

You were right deanna :-)

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