Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Lefty - Yardbird #3

Generally speaking, it is impossible to tell the gender or individual identity of Carolina Wrens; but in this case, I know this guy.  This is Lefty, so named because the upper bill crossed over towards his left.  And I know he is a male because I have observed him feeding his mate during the courtship season.  

Some of you may remember that Lefty showed up late summer two years ago.  Initially I was concerned that he might not survive (I believe he had hatched that summer) but I watched as he adapted to his imperfection.  He tilts his head to one side to scoop up food using the sides of his beak rather than the pointy end.  And during the later part of his first winter, he showed up with a lady-wren in tow.  I call her Mrs. Lefty and you can see her in Extra.  Like most Carolina Wrens, they will stay mated for life; and they spend the winter season together filling the air with their cheery songs and rattled "dits".  I adore them.  Can you tell?

Day two of our quanrantine.  SIL had to go to work today, but left soon after to get tested and is now on her way home.  She did a rapid test which came back negative; but given the high number of false-negatives on that type of test, she also did a PCR test.  Hubs also got his PCR test today and I'll get mine tomorrow.  Hopefully this will all prove to be an unneeded exercise, but one really can't be too cautious (at least as we all see it).  Hubs and I will continue to stay home until we know for certain we are negative.  Seems a small price to pay if it keeps others safe.

Zoomed with MIL today who is now two days out from her first Covid vaccine and feeling just fine.  She recognized me immediately, which was nice.

The light snow cover from yesterday is trying to melt so I expect by tomorrow it will be mostly gone.  And rain in the forecast for tomorrow. 

The days do seem to run together right now.  Feels like we are all (or at least some of us) just waiting for vaccines.  And here in my part of the world, we are settling in for the longest months of winter.  

Stay safe, people.  Be patient with yourself and others.  Be kind.  And if you have chocolate... you know what to do.


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