Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Say what, now?

Well, it's been a very full 24 hours.  

The good news is that we learned that MIL got her first Moderna jab yesterday and she is feeling fine today.  The only news that will be better is when my own parents can get vaccinated.  Very happy.

The less than good news occurred yesterday afternoon when SIL (who lives with us) was notified that she's been exposed to Covid through someone at work.  So that caused a mad scramble as we prepared to quarantine until we can all get tested.  SIL is confined to her room and bathroom; we are delivering her meals outside her room, using disposable plates, utensils, etc.  Between now and Tuesday we will all 3 get tested; then we wait for results.  I am not especially worried; more that I am unnerved.  Hubs and I will stay home until we are sure that we aren't infected; I have some neighbors I can call on to pick things up from the store if needed but I think we will be fine.  Our Thursday appointments with the dermatologist will be rescheduled probably - don't want to take any chances of potentially spreading it.  Anyway, more excitement than any of us needed yesterday.

This morning I had a nice chat with my parents.  They are up to date on our status and keeping all digits crossed that no one in the house comes down with the virus.  Following that, I chatted with one of my besties, then headed out to the hide.  

We had a bit of snow this morning - enough to ensure that the feeders were jammed all day.  I quite liked this image of a White-throated Sparrow giving me the stink-eye.  The background is our lightly snow-covered lawn which I think really makes him stand out.  And he become #2 on my 2021 Yardbird visual list.  

Send a few good thoughts our way, if you are inclined.  And please remember...

Be safe, and be kind.  And, honestly, I really think a bit of chocolate helps.


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