By dfb24

Tiny Drops...

...from splashing in the "bath water". I was amazed by the number of ducks & geese at the lakefront this morning, both on land and in the water. I was lucky enough to arrive at what appeared to be bath time, & many of the ducks were dipping, splishing, splashing & flapping around like crazy so it wasn't hard to get photos. Thanks to Loisbiz for hosting TinyTuesdays this month. 
I've put one photo (that I didn't take) into my extras, as today's my twin granddaughters' 12th. birthday. How time has flown since I took this one! They had a party on Sunday with 14 friends at a roller rink which I heard was lots of fun, & that's where the photo was taken. I'd sent their b-day presents along with the Christmas presents and my step-daughter put them away until today. I sent them each a bouquet of flowers too, which should be delivered shortly after they get home from school, and we're facetiming them a little later to wish them a happy birthday in (facetime) person! Hope they have a wonderful day, and we sure wish we could be there with them. :)

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