By LincolnWarrior

Just the Half

An early blip for me today when getting ready to go to work I spotted the lovely half moon in the sky so grabbed a few quick shots before heading off to work . While at work this morning I found time to ring Mum on her mobile and have a quick chat with her. It was good just to hear her voice and i think she was pleased to be able to have a quick chat. They are keeping her in as she has got a bowel infection but hoping she will be over it in a day or 2 then she can go home. Feeling a bit sore but was cheerful in her voice. This afternoon my sister sent me a text to get me to drop some magazines off for her. So after work a quick trip to Tesco and picked up 3 magazines . I arrived at the hospital door and had to wait for security  , before been allowed to the desk I had to remove my mask and put on a surgical mask . I then had to put the items in a clear bag fill in a form with my details and my mums then leave the bag for it to be taken to the ward later for her.
Back home now and some tea and then some TV viewing and feet up time. Busy binge watching Bulletproof on Sky ready for the new series.

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