By Miffy


........................Shell - Interior view

Kina are also known as sea egg and common sea urchin. They are endemic to New Zealand and found all around the NZ coast in shallow water. This is the most common of the 70 species of urchins found in our waters.
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This kina shell has been sliced in half - possibly by a human enabling them to enjoy its contents straight from the sea before discarding this brittle remain.


Extra Photo
I have added a view of the spines that cover the outside of the kina. You will notice they are rather messy and in parts flattened. That is because the shell has been harvested for days/weeks and not freshly removed from the rock it would have been attached to while alive.
Ultimately the spines fall off and the remaining shell is very attractive as you can see from a previous blip.

Thank you for the comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s summer day in blue. I enjoyed another swim today at the same beach - an hour later so we were again swimming near high tide.

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