By MarilynParker

Walk was not as planned

I planned to walk to Sherdley Park and around it today then be picked up on the road home by Terry on his way back from shopping. However, my walk was nothing like I expected. 
I headed down to walk through Thatto Heath Park and that was interesting as all the paths were treacherous so I had to walk on the frozen grass and meander a bit.
At the other side of the path there are 2 paths you can take to go through Greengates greenspace and I chose the nearest which is the narrowest but was manageable despite frozen snow, ice and frozen mud.
At the other side I needed to cross the railway bridge (see extra photo) and it was treacherous so I used the left raised bit till I hit the treacherous part of that!
I tested the lower part with one foot and nearly went flying as it was like a skating rink! Not a path for a 70 year old even in my walking boots so it was backtrack and take another path.
No Sherdley Park but had a good walk in several other places.
Even got picked up by Terry for the last part home, which was good as my face felt frozen!
Still didn't see much sign of a lockdown - roads busy, lots of people about, The Range was open and this afternoon I realised that many people think it's only partial lockdown! Give me strength.
Main pic of mostly frozen lake at what used to be Pilkingotn Head Office but is used by other businesses now.

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